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Ypao Garden has two professional tennis courts. Currently, one of the courts is leased to a well-known tennis club, Elite. This is why you may see the courts filled sometimes. But keep in mind, one of the two tennis courts is always available for Ypao Garden's residents. This is the court closer to the Club House. If you want to play, you as a resident of Ypao Garden, have first right to that tennis court. Any non-resident playing there should know this and allow you to play first. Again, the tennis classes are really only to occupy one tennis court (closer to the road). 

The lights in the tennis courts are provided by the tennis club (Elite). Ypao Garden does not pay for the electric bill for the lights. Ypao Garden cannot dictate when the lights shall be left on or off. This is upon the tennis club's discrection. If you need lights to remain on as you play, you can request and/or make arrangements directly with 
the manager of the tennis club.

If residents are interested in classes, they can surely talk to the tennis club's (Elites's) manager and take classes or join the group. Residents can also reserve play time (using the reservation form in this website), so they know the tennis court is available for them as needed. Go ahead, get some exercise through a good game of tennis.
  • Open from 8 am – 7pm
  • Gate is locked after dark.
  • Pet owners must clean up after their pets.
  • Do not leave any tennis equipment or personal belongings behind.
  • No food allowed on the courts.
  • No skateboards, bikes, skates, and the like are allowed on the courts.