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A quorum was not established on the said meeting date and time. Hence, an actionable meeting did not take place. The Board will announce another meeting soon.



Notice of Annual Homeowners Meeting


Dear Homeowner:

This letter shall serve as notification the Ypao Gardens Condominium Board of Directors has scheduled the Annual Homeowners Association meeting for:

Date:  Saturday, February 10, 2024

Time:  10:00 A.M.

Location:  Club house


The agenda is enclosed for your review. As per the Associations’ governing documents each homeowner is responsible for registering proof of unit ownership, current mailing address and contact telephone number with either the Secretary of the Board, or the Managing Agent (Century 21 REMCO). We kindly ask that you provide our office with a copy of your deed if you have not previously done so. IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND THIS MEETING, PLEASE FILL IN THE ATTACHED PROXY INFORMATION AND RETURN THE FORM TO CENTURY 21’S OFFICE.

The contact information on the following form will be used to update our records and the proxy section will be used to help establish a quorum for the meeting and will be withdrawn if you are present in person. If you would like our office to act as your proxy, please fill in the proxy form accordingly keeping in mind that proxies appointing Century 21 are only used to assist in establishing a quorum; we typically do not vote for proxies.

The board agreed to serve refreshments and drinks at this year's annual meeting. REMEMBER TO SIGN-IN AT THE MEETING TO ENSURE THAT YOUR UNIT IS REGISTERED AND PROPERLY REPRESENTED. You should bring a pen or something to write with, as there will be ballots for the election of nominees to serve on the board of directors. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office.

Thank you,

Vera Anderson

Property Manager

Posted: 12:30pm, Jan 23, 2024