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While the house rules currently allow residents to keep pets (dogs, cats, birds and fish in reasonable number) only indoor pets may be kept at Ypao Garden Condominium. Pursuant to Guam Law, pets must be leashed/tethered and under direct control of their owner while outside in public areas. Residents are also reminded to please remove all fecal deposits left on the common area grounds by their pets (especially dogs). Pets must be kept inside respective units and not in balconies, hallways, patios, or any common areas. With regard to stray animals, we are aware that some residents have compassion for the stray cats roaming the property, feed them, give them water and want to keep them roaming at large. Unfortunately, others do not share your compassion and are annoyed by the cats that lay around in the stairwells, landings, underneath and on top of cars (reportedly leaving scratches). These “homeless” cats roaming freely on the property constitute a nuisance. Pursuant to Guam Law or the Guam Code Annotated (GCA), Title 10, Chapter 34, (m) “Public nuisance” means any animal that:  
  1. Molests passersby or passing vehicles;
  2. Attacks other animals;
  3. Trespasses on school grounds;
  4. Is repeatedly at large; or
  5. Damages private or public property;

Sub-Section 34206 of this same chapter further states “(b) No person shall keep or permit to be kept any wild animal as a pet.” Additionally, Title 10, Chapter 37 of the GCA states “(b) All occupied buildings and the property upon which the building is located shall be kept free from foodstuffs, garbage, forage and other material which may serve as food or as harborage for rodents.” Therefore, we kindly ask that you do not leave food outside in the common areas or attempt to feed the stray cats. We are confident the stray animals do not come around because they “feel the love” but rather because they want some food. If they lose their food source they will instinctively go elsewhere. Your cooperation and understanding in this regard is greatly appreciated.