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Ypao Garden is a calm, quiet, and tranquil condo. Unnecessary loud noises are not welcomed, and management will make sure to stop them at any point. As mutual respect to our neighbors, homeowners are asked to have noise within their unit, to stay “within their unit”. In the case of large gatherings, renovation/construction work, musical instruments, and other “loud activities”, Ypao Garden would defer the any local statute/law governing loud noises. In general, loud noises are not accepted before 8 am and after 8 pm. If you as a Homeowner feel that your activity will cause loud noise, we ask that you inform the Resident Manager ahead of time, especially if you are renovation or remodeling your unit. If you are having a gathering (party or event) at the pavilions, pool area, or other common area, all activities which cause noise to be heard within the units shall seize by 8 pm. The manager and board may decide to make any exceptions to this but as a rule all loud parties shall stop by 8 pm or sooner if manager decides as such. Loud music, shouting, etc., are not allowed on premises. Noise which can be disturbing to neighbors and other residents caused by animals/pets such as loud barking is not allowed on premises. Cars and other vehicles that make excessive noise are not allowed on premises. Residents would need to make changes if there has been a complaint made towards them or their noise.